How To Recognize A Phony Id

National ID means National Identification of a citizen of a country which is denoted by a unique number. National ID or National Identification Number is vastly important for a country’s citizens. There are two types of National ID. One for the permanent citizen and the other is for the temporary citizen who is living as a guest in the country.

I work and pay taxes, also. How many of those illegal immigrants are on welfare? Are you telling me, I have to pay for them to be here? All this while, I am supporting people on welfare, who are American citizens, who are too good to do a real job, not trying to take care of themselves? NO……And then to top off the whole asinine situation, social security is becoming non-existent. Can you see how the madness comes into this situation?

Seems to me, all of those welfare cases that never get on their feet, if they had not been trained over the years to feel it was better to let the government take care of them, those jobs done by immigrants would be done by those people. If the jobs had to be done, and there were no illegals, someone would do it. We have allowed a whole generation of people to become lazy and too good to take care of themselves. What happened to the hard working people who knew a days work meant being tired at the end of it? Everybody here wants to be a star or is satisfied with a check and food stamps every month.

Remember all the drama this past spring with Ryan Perrilloux? He had gotten into a bit of trouble with the law trying to sneak into a local casino with a redirected here and Miles placed him on suspension. He will be rejoining the team as they report to camp today. Miles will be withholding final judgment on Perrilloux for the time being but things are looking up for the sophomore quarterback. Ryan Flynn, senior quarterback will no doubt be the solid starter for the team.

Convicted felons have photo ID. Are we going to tell Grandma working at the polls to argue with suspected convicted felons and require these ladies to act as bouncers? That is insane and unreasonable. Grandma is probably going to resign her position.

We need voter registration verification PRIOR to being registered to vote. As it stands now, there is no requirement to have a Social Security number to vote. What kind of people don’t have Social Security numbers? I am guessing most people who are eligible to vote are going to have a social security number.

Do you have a plan in place to protect you and your family against the Five Areas of Identity Theft? Do you know that a victim of Identity Theft spends an average of 600 hours and hundreds of dollars to restore their name and credit? Would you have the time to spend on this? Would you know how to deal with the banks, affidavits, police reports, credit repositories etc?

Just as we were walking out the door the fuzz show up and start picking people out of the crowd. Everyone was scrambling for the bus because they knew they’d be safe if they got outdoors.

Do we want partisan poll workers singling out and deciding who can and who cant vote? What if they don’t like my ID? What if I dyed my hair since I last had my ID photo taken? What if I had glasses but no longer do? What if you went bald or shaved your goatee since your last photo ID? Have you ever had your wallet stolen? How about the day before an election? We are putting too much reliance on the ID part of the bill.

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