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Over a week ago, an earthquake shook through New York for about 15 seconds. It was an aftershock of a minor earthquake in Virginia. Undoubtedly, people from the likes of California rolled their eyes when they saw people from Manhattan talking about how scary the “earthquake” they felt was. But the truth is New Yorkers have not been the same since 9/11. If you’re at work in Manhattan when your desk suddenly shakes and moves, you go into panic. Because earthquake isn’t the first though that crosses your mind-terrorist attack is.

Although photo tagging has been known to raise security questions on facebook , it is also the most efficient way to let friends and contacts know when they appear in users’ photos. Overall, the interface to download and organize photos in Google Plus is well organized and easy to use, but the lack of tagging so far.

What a relief, while listening to the news as they talked about something could have fallen from the balloon, review came in; the little six year old boy was found alive and safe and home. He was hiding in the garage in the garage attic. It was reported that the little boy said his father yelled at him earlier, so he hid in the garage.

Collectively, reading the “bottom line”, taking points out of context, and believing that research is foolproof open the door to misinterpretations. Ultimately, the real world reduces the body of research into one “proven fact”—static stretching before exercise is bad for you.

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